What happens after my child is referred to the EIP?

Each child  referred to the EIP receives a complete developmental evaluation to determine eligibility for therapeutic help.. A service coordinator will be assigned and contact you.to set up a visit with you to explain how EI works and help your family select an evaluation agency.. The evaluation agency then contacts the family to schedule the evaluation and location and times convenient to the family. 

If the evaluation shows the child as eligible for EIP, an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) meeting will be scheduled with you.. At the meeting , intervention services are authorized by the EIO (Early Intervention Official). The team works together with the family to develop goals and a plan to meet the developmental needs of the child. Following the meeting, an early intervention licensed or certified teacher and/or therapist are assigned to the child.

Early Intervention is a family centered approach, where the family's participation is vital. The EI provider coaches the family in using strategies to help their child learn and develop skills using the family's natural environment and daily routines. When children get to practice their skills with family and caregivers throughout their daily routines, , they achieve the best possible results and successes .The role of the service coordinator continues to be checking that the child's services are in place and that the family is satisfied with the providers and services.  

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