If my child is in the CPSE program will the title of Special Education follow him or her through highschool?

i think i should send this to an SED regional officer to confirm my u

If your child is eligible for CPSE services and you as the parent accepts the special education services for your child as written on your child's IEP-individualized education plan,, your  child is known to the district as a' preschooler with  a disability' while receiving the services. Once a child turns five years old and   enters kindergarten in the district, a child must be assessed and approved as eligible for special education services by the CSE - Committee on Special Education - in order to continue to receive services at the elementary and /or high school level  If a parent whose child was receiving CPSE services chooses not to have a child evaluated by the CSE for special education services , then the file is closed but stored in administration at the district office. The child is not considered in special education under these circumstances. 

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